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Welcome to DJK9 Dog Training


Mastering the Art of Transformation:

As a revered Master Trainer and Dog Behaviorist, Dame Jones can decipher the complexities of dog behavior. His tailored approach caters to each dog's individual needs and challenges, addressing behavioral concerns with a perfect blend of patience, understanding, and proven techniques.

Empowering Canine Companionship:

DJK9 Dog Training is not just about training dogs; it's about unlocking their potential and nurturing the inherent connection between humans and canines. Dame Jones' holistic approach extends beyond obedience, encompassing holistic well-being, socialization, and the development of a joyful and fulfilling partnership.


Unleashing Excellence in Canine Companionship

Founded and led by esteemed Master Trainer & Dog Behaviorist Dame Jones, DJK9 Dog Training is a premier destination for transforming dogs and their owners into harmonious, well-connected partners. With a deep-rooted passion for canines and a wealth of experience, Dame Jones brings a unique blend of expertise, empathy, and dedication to every aspect of the training journey.

A Vision of Connection:

DJK9 Dog Training was born from Dame Jones' vision to foster a profound bond between dogs and their human companions. With the belief that every dog holds untapped potential, Dame Jones embarked on a mission to provide comprehensive, personalized training services that enable owners and dogs to thrive.


A Legacy of Excellence:

Dame Jones' rich legacy in dog training is evident in the transformative journeys of countless dogs and their owners. With an unparalleled dedication to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of industry advancements, he ensures that DJK9 Dog Training consistently offers the highest standards of care and expertise.

Join the Transformation:

Whether you're seeking to address specific behavioral challenges, strengthen obedience, or simply enhance the bond with your furry friend, DJK9 Dog Training is your trusted partner on this journey. Dame Jones' unwavering commitment to the betterment of dogs and their owners remains at the heart of DJK9 Dog Training's ethos, creating lasting and positive changes one dog at a time.

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